Stop Using Lotion Made for White People

Stop Using Lotion Made for White People

Did you know that most lotions were not made with your skin in mind? At first, that may sound outlandish, but only 1% of skin research is dedicated to ethnic skin. This means that a majority of products you see on shelves today were not made for people of color.

The Problem with Skin Care

Why does this matter? There are over 100,000 differences between ethnic and non-ethnic skin. One of the key differences is that ethnic skin is harder to penetrate.

This is why standard body lotions and skin care products may not work as effectively for you. They might even damage your skin barrier and cause you to develop dry skin! Crazy, right? They definitely don't put that side effect on their labels!

To make matters worse, some lotions are formulated with petroleum jelly. This ingredient has been linked to cancer, PCOS, and infertility in both men and women. Who would have thought that skin care products could lead to a slew of other health conditions? Simply put, all moisturizers are not compatible with your skin barrier.

If this is true, then why aren’t beauty companies tailoring moisturizers according to ethnicity? The lack of representation in the beauty industry has hindered the drive towards inclusive lotions.

Our Solution

Our team of scientists here at Melanin Is... have worked hard to find the best formulations to treat dry skin. Our 72hr Intense Hydration + Replenishing Lotion is designed specifically for people of color! This product treats skin conditions that are common to people of color such as dry, itchy skin as well as hyperpigmentation.

This full body moisturizer also has the ability to penetrate and heal ethnic skin within just 3 weeks. Simply apply the moisturizer onto your skin and massage its silky formulation into your skin.

The best part is that this product feels as good to apply as it is for you! It's formulated with organic ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sea moss, and skin refining ceramides for intense hydration. These ingredients along with our patent pending technology help to alleviate symptoms of dry skin.

Our 72hr Intense Hydration + Replenishing Lotion is also fragrance free and non-toxic making it perfect for all skin types. It can even alleviate medical conditions related to skin health such as eczema.

72hr Intense Hydration + Replenishing Lotion - hydrate, repair, restore

Other Solutions

Remember that healthy skin starts from within. Always take special care to drink plenty of water and avoid long, hot showers that can also damage your skin barrier.

Follow these steps and purchase our 72hr Intense Hydration + Replenishing Lotion for improved skin texture and lasting moisture retention. Your best skin yet is closer than you think.






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