Is your skin care affecting your self esteem?

Is your skin care affecting your self esteem?

Have you ever felt embarrassed by your skin? Acne, dark spots, and dry skin can make anyone feel self-conscious. But it doesn't have to be this way. Let's learn more about how self esteem and your skin health are related, and how to improve both.

Don't let hyperpigmentation get you down

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that can affect your self esteem. It can happen when your immune system produces too many melanin cells in the top layer of skin. This causes dark spots on the skin that can make you feel self-conscious.

The exact cause of hyperpigmentation isn't always clear—it's often caused by sun exposure, but it can also be related to acne or hormonal changes. Hyperpigmentation typically appears as brown spots or patches on your face and body (but everyone's case is different). It can be embarrassing and difficult to treat without help.

This used to be my story. My hyperpigmentation was so bad that I wouldn't even go to the gas station without a full face of makeup. I felt embarrassed by my bare-faced skin. I hope this isn't your story, but if it is, it doesn't have to be!

Dry skin can make you feel self-conscious

Hyperpigmentation isn't the only skin condition that can damage your self confidence. Dry skin can also make you feel self-conscious. Having dry, flaky skin can be embarrassing and make you feel like you need to cover up. It may even keep you from spending time with loved ones and enjoying your favorite hobbies.

Dry skin can also make it difficult to wear makeup. Your foundation or concealer may cake on top of your dry patches instead of blending into them seamlessly for the desired result. This will only highlight the rough patches and make them stand out even more!

The right skin care routine can improve your skin AND your self-esteem

Going the natural route to treat your skin care concerns is always best. However, not all natural products are created equal! Some aren't "natural" at all and contain ingredients that could harm your skin. Others are just plain ineffective because they've used the wrong ingredients or don't have the ability to penetrate the skin barrier.

Our products are completely organic, vegan, and do not contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin barrier. Furthermore, they are formulated with ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit ethnic skin and skin concerns common to people of color.

Both our Sunless Melanin Enhancer and our 72-hr Intense Hydration + Replenishing Lotion are great for treating dry skin as well as hyperpigmentation. If you struggle with dry, flaky skin, our lotion is a great solution to soothe and heal your skin.

If you need an extra dose of melanin magic, I would recommend our Sunless Melanin Enhancer. Not only will it improve your dry and hyperpigmented skin, it will also naturally enhance your glow and give you the confidence you need to be your amazing, authentic self.


Now that you know more about how your skin care routine can affect your self esteem, it’s time to get started! Shop our products here and, with consistent use, you will see an improvement in your skin's health as well as your self esteem.

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