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Can Black Girls Tan?


As the beauty industry increases production of tanning "sun kissed" products targeted towards lighter skin tones, the question, "Can Black girls tan?" has become a hot topic of interest. Let's take a deep dive into this question.

It should come as no surprise that skin whitening creams for darker skin tones are among the most popular cosmetic products for women of color. Companies portray dark-skinned and medium-brown women as the before “what not to look like” photo. They then promise that you'll become two to four shades lighter in order to become more "attractive" and "appealing."

The use of whitening cream has without a doubt conditioned our minds to believe that the key to being attractive lies in having a lighter skin tone, despite some brands minimizing their mission to fade dark spots for darker skin tones.

Therefore, tanning became taboo and unaccepted in the beauty world for many people with darker skin tones, including black women.

Misconceptions about Black Women and Tanning

The belief that black skin cannot tan due to its already pigmented melanin content is one of the biggest misconceptions today. Incredibly, this misconception has led to the beauty industry only creating products that cater to light skin tones. Moreover, studies have shown that people with darker skin tones tend to buy products that brighten, whiten, and fade. Because of this, darker skin tones continue to be overlooked when seeking tanning products.

Black woman with deep skin smiling

Can Black Women Tan?

YES! No matter how light or dark one’s skin is, anyone can tan. Including Black women! People with black and brown skin should tan to help their skin obtain a bronzed, glowing, silky, and healthy appearance.

How can black and brown people tan safely?

Black and brown skin tones tend to have that bronzed glow in summer and spring times due to the increased UV ray’s exposure and increased time spent outdoors. Melanin protects darker pigmented people better from UV rays that cause cancer. However, obtaining that goddess glow directly from the sun can still increase one’s risk for cancer even with melanin rich skin. Therefore, the best way to obtain that summer glow is to use a natural non-toxic Sunless Melanin Enhancer made for black and brown skin tones!

Our Sunless Melanin Enhancer is a natural toxin free bronzing lotion that gives you a sun kissed glow! This Melanin Enhancer is made to deepen strengthen already pigmented melanin skin for the perfect glow. The benefits:

  • Support collagen-depleted skin to target fine lines cellulite, enlarged pores and loss of firmness.

  • Helps to correct imperfections.

  • Improvers hyperpigmentation.

  • Provides a long lasting glow for every season.

  • & MORE!

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